Crunch Time for Apple’s Brand?

People who work in brand admire Apple for very good reasons. An iconic brand that delivers revolutionary, beautifully designed and incredibly profitable products.

At Wavelength we wonder if it’s crunch time for Apple. Recent Wall Street iPhone 5 expectations were not met, brand loyalty is diminishing whilst Samsung’s popularity is increasing.

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Brands: The Path to Product Launch Success….?

Senior executives frequently tell us how disappointed they are with new product launch performance. It’s an expensive and risky business so it’s understandable. This frequently results in a “numbers game” (launch as many products as we can in the hope we succeed) or “no game” (don’t launch anything as it’s too damn expensive) logic.

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JC Penny’s Price Based Strategy: A Case Study On How to Make Your Brand Performance Go Pear-Shaped?

In the past we’ve tried to highlight how utilising coupons can turn your brand strategy pair shaped. The challenges JC Penny is currently facing lucidly illustrate this point. This revealing article shares some of the challenges new JC Penny CEO Ron Johnson is experiencing whilst trying to shake the brands’ coupon crazy reputation. An unenviable task.

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