Craft an authentic brand story your market can relate to

Craft a meaningful brand story

As humans we naturally orientate towards stories. Try to capitalise on this via your brand story.

An earlier post outlined the important role part of our brain (the limbic system) plays in influencing choice via brand-related feelings recalled from memory. This part of the brain also deals with things like metaphors, intuition and stories.

Think about it. Stories are powerful. We listen to stories when we’re kids (bedtime stories). We create stories when we sleep (dreams). Ancient civilisations told their history through stories (Egyptians, Mayans, Incas, etc.). So? Well, this means our brains are oriented towards and receptive to stories.

The trick is to craft your brand story so it resonates with your target market’s values. This will give your brand meaning. And that’s important because meaning delivers relevance and so value.

Here’s an example of how eBay have crafted brand stories. Nicely done.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you craft your brand story, why not get in touch? We’d be happy to hear from you.



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