Associate your brand with a feeling

build a brand that connects with the limbic system

Brand strategy should capitalise on the characteristics of the limbic system

Branding folk talk about feelings but not many understand why they are so important in the context of brand strategy. Neuroscience has helped brand marketers explain this with greater scientific rigour.

Simply put, when we make a decision the front of our brain accesses our memory. On the way to accessing our memory we drop into a part of our brain that deals with our feelings (the limbic system).

Think about it. When you recall a brand from memory it’s not the brand itself that triggers something inside your body. It’s the feeling associated with that brand that compels you to do something or not. This is why brands that generate a feeling trump those that don’t, time and time again.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you identify a salient brand-related feeling you can build your brand strategy around why not get in touch?


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