There’s a lot more to a brand than a logo

Brands are a lot more than logos

Don’t forget, a brand is far more than a logo

This is a well-worn branding management classic but worth repeating nonetheless.

A brand isn’t a logo for the simple reason that if you take away the logo there’s nothing there. People don’t pay a premium for nothing. They pay a premium for brand values that resonate, a story that engages or inspires them, brand associations that help project their personality and so forth.

The logo is merely a shorthand cue that helps express your brand. It’s not your brand per se and it’s your brand people will potentially pay a premium for.

So why still the confusion after all this time? Simple. People like to pay for things they can see. It’s far nicer to pay X and get something you can see than X+50% (the advice, etc.). That’s understandable but unless you get lucky a brand strategy built on that logic is doomed to fail.

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