Crafting a consistent brand experience: The Henry Hotel, Cebu. Philippines

Our branding projects take us both near and far. This means spending a fair amount of time in hotels.  The problem is hotels can feel a little staid, stuffy and the same.

On a recent trip to the Philippines The Henry in Cebu City provided a refreshing brand experience shot in the arm.

consistent brand experiences

A vintage VW Cabrio. Parked on the second floor of The Henry, in an art gallery, next to the bar. Just what you’d expect?

The Henry’s industrial, creative and wonderfully engaging experience was consistently executed across a number of touch points. The below provides some examples:

personalised brand experiences

A welcome note with a personal feel.

consistent visual brand experiences

(From left to right, clockwise). Feedback form >> Bed sheet change >. Room card carrier >> Reception help >> Notepad. Nothing was printed on expensive paper. Quirky design overcame the need for expense.

entertaining brand experiences

Not your average fire escape advice…..

The mixture of concrete floors, urban art, chilled acid jazz wafting the hotel, unbelievably cool (but not overbearing) staff, funky bar, relaxed pool and down right quirkiness e.g. an artistic VW Beetle in the art gallery made The Henry quite unique.  It hung together beautifully and consistently.

So? Well, it’s apparent the owners had a clear view on they wanted to bring their values, personality, positioning to life in the form of a distinctive brand experience. They understood their brand and built it from the inside out. No need for a stressed bellboy, a bar man donning an uncomfortable dickey bow or a cheesy welcome smile. This hotel oozes difference and more importantly authenticity. And there’s something very endearing about that.

So the question is, how do you bring your brand values, personality and positioning to life across a number of touch points to deliver a consistent brand experience? We think The Henry does a good job of showing the way.Screen Shot 2014-01-03 at 19.00.35

ps: This was not a paid advertisement!


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